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Hearing Loss in the Elderly

Hearing loss in the elderly can have a significant impact on the quality of life and safety. Ranging from mild to severe, hearing loss can be the result of medications, long-term exposure to loud noises, diseases, trauma, or even heredity. Not only does hearing contribute to ones ability to communicate, but it also contributes to a seniors ability to be cognitively and socially engaged with others. An important factor for loved ones to remember is that when hearing loss is left untreated, it may be difficult for seniors to participate in conversations since they cannot understand what's being said, and this could be mistaken as confusion or mental decline.

When discovered early, hearing loss can be improved with hearing aids, medications, or surgery. If your senior is experiencing hearing loss, or you notice a change in their ability to socialize, a change in mood, or other change that could be associated with their hearing ability, visit a hearing professional for an official diagnosis and treatment options.

Visit Hearing Loss Association of America for helpful information and support.