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Home Health Quick Read - Feel safer during COVID-19

It seems we're all experiencing the effects of COVID-19 to some degree. Even so, the manner in which we handle this stressor can have lasting effects on our overall feeling of well-being. Health experts have given us recommendations over the last several weeks which are meant to help prevent us from becoming ill. You may find that changing your routine is inconvenient, while at the same time also recognizing that the change may be needed for a period of time.  Consider what's most important to you and your family.  Use those priorities as positive guideposts while minimizing the perception of inconveniences that may cause stress.  Have family talks and encourage expression of feelings; be sure to tune in to the conversation and actively listen. You may find that words of encouragement and support can help you feel safer and more secure, even during times of uncertainty.  If you are caring for someone who is ill or you are interested in ways to stay well, click on this link for helpful tips:


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The Hollander Home Healthcare Team